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Why I don’t use HP printers anymore June 1, 2011

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HP has recently settled a lawsuit accusing it of defrauding ink users.  The three specific charges were that some HP printers used color ink when printing black and white pages without letting users know or letting users change that setting, that HP printers gave false “low” readings on cartridges so users would replace them more quickly, and that some HP ink cartridges stopped working after a certain period of time even if they had ink left.   Those charges matched my own experiences with recent HP printers, which was why last year I junked my HP’s and replaced them with Cannon printers, and why I won’t be buying any HP products again for a long time. 

The results of the lawsuit?  HP  agreed to  pay $5 million to consumers…in the form of $6 coupons for more HP ink.


1. Jay - June 1, 2011

My HP printer just stopped working and after going through all the resets and other crap tech support put me through, the final result was, “Well, you just need to buy another printer.” This for one that was less than six months old. So I did…a Lexmark. I’m with you…no more HP. My next computer will even be a Mac.

2. James Savik - June 1, 2011

We’ve been screwing you for years so hey– here’s a coupon so that we can screw you some more.

3. Gavin Mott - October 12, 2011

There was a trick you could do, putting a piece of opaque tape over a sensor in the printer, or over the little hole on the cartage that it used to check on the level of ink, that would keep it from telling if the ink had run out or was getting low. It’s ridiculous that we have to do things like that though. I haven’t purchased an HP product in years, and I don’t intend to.

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