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Invincible turned in August 2, 2011

Posted by johnhemry in Uncategorized.

Somewhat to my own surprise given recent events, I was able to finish the manuscript for the next Lost Fleet – Beyond the Frontier novel (Invincible) and have turned it in to my agent and my editor.  Hopefully both agent and editor will declare Invincible to be worthy.

A number of readers asked for more action, and Invincible does offer that.  There are not only two large space engagements, but also a very big boarding operation in which the Marines do what Marines do best (when on duty, anyway).

The last I heard, the publisher is planning on bringing out Invincible in May, 2012.  After that, the Phoenix Stars books (which have events intertwined with Dreadnaught and Invincible) should come out.


1. Mike D - August 2, 2011

Really, really looking forward to all your future books, sir. Thank you for all your hard work.

2. SciFi Nana - August 8, 2011

Dorothy made a comment on Invincible turned in:
“John, so glad to hear you were up to working after your loss. My heart goes out to you and family.
I am a huge fan, I have all the ‘Stark’s War’, “JAG”, ‘The Lost Fleet’
and now ‘Beyond the Frontier’.
It’s always a big day for me when your latest book is released. Looking forward to it.(less)”
Aug 05, 2011 09:34am

3. Bryan Larson - August 15, 2011

looking foward to learning more about the objects at the end of Dreadnought

4. statoutofmymind@yahoo.com - April 16, 2012

when will Invincibly be out in audio format??

johnhemry - April 25, 2012

Same day the hard copy comes out, 1 May. Audible doesn’t sell preorders, so the book won’t appear in their catalog until the first of May.

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