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Back in the yard October 21, 2011

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On Wednesday I had the chance to speak to a class at the Naval Academy about writing science fiction and writing in general.  It was the first time I had been inside Sampson Hall in over thirty years.  It hadn’t changed much.  The Academy as a whole hadn’t changed much, though parking is a lot worse now.  What really hit me was after the talk when I shook hands with all of the midshipmen.  As I looked each in the eye I could see that not only were the uniforms the same, but the men and women all had a familiar aspect.  They could have fit in with my classmates from those decades ago without anyone noticing a difference.  (Well, not quite since I was class of 78 and the first women at the Academy were in the class of 80, but these women carried themselves like the women back then, too.)  With all that changes in this world, with all the changes that can be good or bad or just confusing, it is very nice to see something strong and true that endures through the decades.  Perfect?  No, far from it.  But capable of so much, willing to give so much of themselves, and with so much promise.


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