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Audiobooks February 16, 2012

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Yes, the new Beyond the Frontier and the Lost Fleet books will come out as audiobooks from Audible.  One thing that’s important to know is that Audible doesn’t take preorders.  That means the books don’t appear in the catalog until the day they’re released and available for sale.  In the case of Invincible, it will show up in the Audible catalog for sale on 1 May and not be present prior to that.

Speaking of which, I need to do an intro for Invincible.  Is there anything people are particularly curious about, or would like me to address, at this point?  No promises, but I’d like to hear from you.


1. Tim Mahoney - February 17, 2012

One question I have is about how continuing changes in technology affect a storyteller.

When you started your writing, the Internet was not near as proliferate as it is today. Now, it seems like everyone has a smartphone or a tablet, can look up facts and figures on the go. A lot of modern technology and concepts have shown up in your books. What have you seen change since starting this series, or since you started writing, that may have affected how your characters acted, had access to, or fought?

2. johnhemry - February 23, 2012

Not too much has affected the series so far. I went in with the assumption that the tech would be as transparent as possible. Transparent is the word I use for tech that you can use without having to think about how to use it. Obviously, we’re a long ways from that with a lot of stuff, but we’re slowly heading that way. The limitations on tech in the series usually reflect my vision of whether something is practical. For example, Star Trek has people talk to the computer by saying “computer.” But that means they couldn’t say computer without the computer thinking it’s getting an order. I keep people in the loop because I don’t see tech getting good enough to be trusted without that. So, since I assumed going in that tech would be easy to use and everywhere, but that people would still have to be involved, life is catching up to the series, I think. I have tried to avoid identifying specific tech which quickly dates a story, having learned that lesson from the references to vacumn tubes and slide rules in 50s and 60s SF. It’s just as true with today’s tech. The more specific you get on how you do something, the more likely it will be overtaken by events really fast.

3. Tim Mahoney - February 23, 2012

I think that transparency of tech has been a good concept in the series. I know it has helped a lot of SF become more character-driven. Star Trek, while based in SF has a lot of character-based drama and development. The episodes featuring mind-control or some other SF concept as the plot driver really seem to not work too well. When the tech simply is in the background and the plot is based on the characters, then it truly transcended all other shows. One I am specifically thinking of was the episode “Chain of Command”. Picard is captured and tortured by the Romulans in order to discover some information and to possibly start a war. The scenes where Picard is tortured and stripped of his dignity of even a name is one of the best of the entire Star Trek universe. This was a true drama with many layers.

This is also what has drawn me into your series: While it is SF, it is mainly about the people, and not the tech. Their motivations, their reactions to situations, the questions they raise about who they are as humans. This is true human drama no matter where or when it is based. And I think it will be for centuries to come.

4. Bud - March 1, 2012

you talk a lot in your intros about your inspirations… like your career and whatnot… I’d like to hear you say something about the other sci-fi authors you read and that have inspired you… life do you read John Ringo… I’ve noticed some things in Dreadnought that remind me of some of his works

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