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First Chapter of Invincible is Up March 1, 2012

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As promised, the first chapter of the upcoming Beyond the Frontier – Invincible is now up on my website at www.johnghemry.com   Just click on the cover of Invincible shown on the home page.


1. Tim Mahoney - March 1, 2012

Great beginning to the new book. One of the most common issues people have with the Lost Fleet series is Geary’s continued reflection on his “Blackjack” status. It seems at times like he still hasn’t processed the fact of how he is seen. Is he still processing it, or is it being reiterated to assist with the continuation of the plot concerning how his return home is affecting the Alliance government?

One small typo at the end of this paragraph (I’m sure your copy editor has caught it, but you never know.):
He had expected that answer. Sailors hadn’t changed for thousands of years. Why would they have changed in the hundred years that Geary had been locked in survival sleep? But he still tried to argue the point. “During the war with the Syndics it, must have been common to use salvaged parts.”

2. johnhemry - March 3, 2012

My editor always wants me to put in some background upfront in each book explaining who Geary is and what has happened in previous books. That means I have to restate the hundred-years-in-survival sleep, the heroic legend, etc. I try to keep it as quick as possible while still providing the basics for anyone who picked that book up first. Otherwise, the Black Jack thing is still a big issue because so many other issues are driven by it. He’s not processing it any more. He knows it’s something he has to live with. But, as you say, Black Jack is a big issue for the Alliance government. He has to judge what he does and says in terms of how people will evaluate Black Jack saying and doing that. And people back home are all pursuing their various agendas which Black Jack might either assist or block.

Yes, I think we got that typo. Thanks!

Zak R. - March 7, 2012

The need to reiterate information given in previous books is always an annoying necessity for long series. I think you do a fairly good job of spacing it out throughout each book enough that it doesn’t do too much to break the flow of the narrative (or cause people to say and do things too out of character), but it’s still an intrusion.

Steven Brust has pretty much refused to play those games, first by ensuring that each book in one of his series is self-sufficient enough to not need continuity, and (second) in the Viscount of Adrilankha trilogy by having the story told through the narrative device of an in-universe editor who actively complains about his publisher’s requirement that he lay out a summary of the events of previous books (arguing that had a summary been sufficient to tell those stories, he wouldn’t have written out the whole books).

As I said, though, I think you’ve managed to maintain that balance pretty well in your writing so far.

Tim Mahoney - March 7, 2012

L. Ron Hubbard used a similar technique in his Mission: Earth Dekaology. When each book came out a year apart, it was nice to have that information refreshed. When I read the series the first time, it had been out a while, so I was able to pick up one after another. Then it was nice to have the humor of the “robotbrain translator 54 Charlee 9” (surprisingly, I didn’t have to look that up…memory must not be that bad!)

I agree that you’ve done an excellent job keeping new readers informed, while entertaining long-time fans.

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