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The Corps Wins Again April 16, 2012

Posted by johnhemry in Uncategorized.

I just saw the latest Katy Perry video (for “Part of Me”), in which Katy joins the Marines.  Really.  No comic book theatrics, just following her through boot camp, training, and on to deployment.  Marine recruiters must think they’ve gone to heaven with a video like that out there.

What about the other services?  The Navy already has Demi Moore and Cher.  (Plus the Village People, though the “Join the Navy” video doesn’t actually seem to have been shown in the States.)  The Air Force could use Beyonce or Lady Gaga, and Miranda Lambert or Rihanna seem like a good fit for the Army.  (Angelina Jolie is probably CIA, but of course no one will officially confirm that.)

As long as they’re doing movies based on old TV shoes and even board games, why don’t they do a remake of the Dirty Dozen using female singers?   Taylor Swift in the Trini Lopez role, Pink has the right attitude to fill Charles Bronson’s shoes, and the veteran in charge of the force would be none other than Pat Benatar.  It might be a lousy movie, but we’d get one heck of a sound track out of it.


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