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Goats April 27, 2012

Posted by johnhemry in Uncategorized.

So, I’m preparing for my trip out to the west coast for The Release of my latest book Invincible (my publicist and agent insisted I put that in) and when I come home with groceries I pause for just a moment to look toward my wife’s butterfly garden, which is about to bloom.  As I do, I see two goats walking over the slight rise in the front of our yard.  Now, we live in a rural area (mostly), but are in a housing development and all.  Goats have not been normal visitors.  Or ever visitors at all.  But here they were.  They stopped and looked at me.  I looked at them.  I’ve dealt with plenty of cattle so I knew what the goats were thinking.  Will he let us eat this?  Finally one of the goats opened its mouth and leaned toward a butterfly bush.  I opened my mouth, yelled “no, you don’t” and walked toward them using hand gestures that every animal knows mean “go away.”  The goats reluctantly left, wandering off into the woods, perhaps in search of a bridge with a troll under it.  Why did goats show up today?  Why was I there and looking at the garden at just the right moment?  Such are the mysteries of life.


1. ryanmercer - April 27, 2012

I got a nice chortle out of that 🙂

2. Jeremy - April 28, 2012

They are just scoping the place out for when you leave. You’ll come home to find your garden gone and no beer in the refrigerator.

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