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Goats 2 April 28, 2012

Posted by johnhemry in Uncategorized.

The goats came back.  After successfully evading animal control the rest of the afternoon, the goats reappeared outside our house as we were eating dinner.  We called animal control and we watched the goats.  The goats didn’t seem to want to go anywhere, and were wearing what looked like collars, so I took a chance and opened our garage door.  The goats went in, doubtless seeking shelter for the evening, I closed the garage door, and we settled down to wait for animal control to show up.  Animal control eventually did, then had to locate the goats in our garage, which has the usual piles of this and that here there and everywhere.  When last seen, the goats were in the animal control van on the way to the county barn.  If no one shows up to claim them they’ll be given to one of the local farmers.  Hopefully a farmer some distance from us.  If anyone wants a pair of goats, call Calvert County animal control.


1. here - August 15, 2012

Your garage door must come like a hero who saved 2 goats. And this is another use of a garage door i got from you 🙂 Nice post will share your story with others as well

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