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There’s a woman on my cover! May 17, 2012

Posted by johnhemry in Uncategorized.

Not that I object.  But prior to this (and despite all the major female characters in my books) my US publisher has had a seemingly iron-clad rule that the only time women could appear on one of my covers is if they were concealed under heavy armor (as on the cover of Dauntless).  But I just saw the new cover art for the paperback reissue of Rule of Evidence, and it not only features Paul Sinclair (naturally) but also Jen Shen.  I am astounded.  Who knows, perhaps Tanya Desjani will appear on the cover of the next Lost Fleet book.  (She’ll probably be portrayed wearing armor and carrying a big gun, but that’s another issue.)


1. Jeff Greenly - May 17, 2012

Good to see the reissue.. The JAG in space series needs another book or two, though.

johnhemry - June 6, 2012

I know! I know! Someday…

2. Tamer Sadek - May 17, 2012

I have to admit I loved the in-joke in “Invincible” about your book covers.

johnhemry - May 21, 2012

Thanks. I’m glad I was able to think of a way to sneak that in.

3. Ed Bunyan - May 18, 2012

Have you thought about going back and working more with the JAG in space series. What happens to Lt Sinclair on Mars. Does he survive coming back and working for his old XO from the “Merry Mike”.

johnhemry - May 21, 2012

I have been thinking about it and hope to get that done someday.

Osiris - May 23, 2012

I agree that I would LOVE to see a continuation of the JAGIS series. I think at least one book to tie it up in a neat package would be great. (hopefully happily but that’s your call) Actually, a short story continuation might be enough to get some closure. That said, I know that you have some awesome pressures with the two Lost Fleet series which I would hate to see delayed so it will probably be a while. 🙂

johnhemry - June 6, 2012

Yes, it’s mainly pressures to write Lost Fleet books that are preventing me from continuing Paul’s adventures at this point. I really do want to get that in, though. Did you see the novella Failure to Obey that came out in Analog a couple of years ago? It takes place after Paul has left for Mars, and involves Jen as the lead character.

Osiris - June 6, 2012

Actually, I had not seen the novella in Analog, I will have to see if I can get that.

4. Osiris - May 23, 2012

I loved the cover joke as well as the Hitchhikers Guide reference (among others).

johnhemry - June 6, 2012

I have to work those in when I can.

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