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Tarnished Knight cover June 5, 2012

Posted by johnhemry in Uncategorized.

The cover for Tarnished Knight has been posted on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, so those who haven’t seen it yet can take a gander.  Two stories about this cover – first of all, the guy depicted actually does wear armor and carry a gun in the book.  How’s that for a twist!  The other thing is that when the publisher asked me to describe that character I told them that he was Iberian, sort of a cross between Guy Williams (Zorro from the 1960s) and Antonio Banderas.  Based on that description, the artist produced a cover character who resembles…Myke Cole (author of Shadow Ops – Control Point).  I intend giving Myke a hard time about that.


1. Tom Simpson (@ThomasSimpson) - June 11, 2012
2. Tim Mahoney - June 11, 2012

Thanks for the info about the cover. I’m coming up a little short on information about the book, specifically who is pictured on the cover. I’ve already finished Invincible, and believe he is Rogero, the lover of Captain Bradamont. I could be mistaken. But I don’t think it would be Gwen Iceni.

Can you give us a run-down, preview, or teaser?

johnhemry - June 15, 2012

It’s supposed to be Drakon. (aka General Drakon) Definitely not Iceni. She’s a redhead.

johnhemry - June 17, 2012

I’ll have the first chapter of Tarnished Knight up on my website sometime this week.

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