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Tarnished Knight chapter one is up June 27, 2012

Posted by johnhemry in Uncategorized.

I’ve posted chapter one of the upcoming The Lost Stars: Tarnished Knight on my webpage (www.johnghemry.com or www.jack-campbell.com) .  This should give everyone a good feel for the flavor of the book (except that the battles on ground and in space happen in the second chapter).   Some have worried that The Lost Stars series is replacing The Lost Fleet.  It’s not.  I’m working on the next Lost Fleet book right now (tentative title Guardian).  The Lost Stars gives a different perspective on the Lost Fleet universe, and by giving me other people and places to write about it helps me from getting burned out on the Lost Fleet books (which would be bad for everybody concerned). 


1. Joshua Gray - June 27, 2012

Looks great! I have never consumed someone’s books so quickly… When you are in Chicago will you have any meet ups accessible from outside of chicago con?

johnhemry - June 28, 2012

I don’t know at this point. I can certainly set something up.

Joshua Gray - June 28, 2012

That would be awesome if you could. No worries if you are unable to though.

2. Ed Bunyan - June 29, 2012

The first chapter reads great. I can’t wait for the new series to come out. I agree with your comment about a change of perspective.

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