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Pukin Dogs, or Life Is A Circle July 3, 2012

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Last Friday our family was down in Huntsville, Alabama for the graduation of our youngest son from the Space Camp Aviation Mach III Challenge.  Each team in the challenge takes an aviation-related nickname, and our son’s team was the Pukin Dogs.  This nickname was given long ago to the Navy fighter squadron VF-143, and on my first ship one of my shipmates (Commander Bill Dykes) was a real Pukin Dog, having served with VF-143 before coming to the ship.  (As CDR Dykes said “once a Pukin Dog, always a Pukin Dog.”)  My son isn’t a real Pukin Dog, of course, but it was still a funny coincidence.  (By the way, Bill Dykes was partly the model for Commander Steve Sykes in the JAG in space/Sinclair books such as A Just Determination.)


1. Ed Bunyan - July 4, 2012

Do you ever get responses from your old shipmates regarding your books?

2. johnhemry - July 4, 2012

I haven’t heard from many so far. I talked to my old commanding officer Captain Hayes before I used his name in the JAG books. Another of my old shipmates is David Meadows, who is also an author, so we’ve exchanged more than a few messages. More often I hear from someone who served and we can find common references even though we didn’t serve together. I wouldn’t mind hearing from more of my old shipmates, but finding them can be hard.

Ed Bunyan - July 4, 2012

With it being July 4th, I want to thank you for your service to our country and your service as a author delivering great lessons in your works on what it is, to be a good citizen. I am referencing the Starks War series here. So as one American to another, thank you very much.

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