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Zombies in the Congress July 16, 2012

Posted by johnhemry in Uncategorized.

Zombies are famous for two things, the idea of a spreading infection and of creatures who no longer think but just plod onward in search of brains.  Zombies don’t lead, they don’t create, they just find anyone who does try to do something and rips their heads off.  There no longer seems to be any doubt that we have a serious problem with zombies in the US Congress.  I say this because 34 senators have now announced that they will not support an international convention which has been followed by every president since (and including) Ronald Reagan, which is strongly supported by former President George W. Bush and his former Secretary of State Rice, has the full backing of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the US Navy, the US Coast Guard, and every major ocean industry, including shipping, fishing, oil and natural gas, drilling contractors, ship builders, and telecommunications companies that use underwater cables, as well as the National Foreign Trade Council and the US Chamber of Commerce.  The reasons given for opposing the Law of the Sea Convention since it was renegotiated by President George H. W. Bush have been repeatedly rebuted by past and present authorities from both Democratic and Republican administrations on national security, business and diplomacy.  The US is the only country that hasn’t ratified the convention, which means we’re the only country in the world that can’t benefit from it.  Only our industry and shipping is not protected by it.  That’s why US businesses and those responsible for national security want it ratified.  But, once again, it won’t happen.  Abraham Lincoln said that the US could never face a serious threat from external sources, that the only thing that could destroy us would spring from among us.  And he didn’t even know about zombies.  But they’re here, there seem to be more of them in the US Congress every day, and the Law of the Sea Convention is only one of the most recent and baffling victims of the zombies’ heedless assault on the long term interests of us all.


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