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An incredibly ugly lie September 19, 2012

Posted by johnhemry in Uncategorized.

I know emotions run high in politics these days, and people can debate the truth of various topics.  But I have just seen the most appalling, cynical and disgusting lie being sent around the internet by people who apparently think nothing of trying to use the deaths of Americans to score political points.  You may have heard what happened after the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya – other Libyans, searching through the damaged embassy, found an American.  They didn’t know who he was, but they saw he was still alive though badly hurt by smoke inhalation.  There’s a video of what happened, the searchers getting the American out of the building, telling the crowd he was still alive (which was greeted with cheers and cries of God is Great), then carrying him to a car and rushing him to a hospital.  Unfortunately, it was too late to save Ambassador Stevens.  Now, some people are circulating on the internet a couple of pictures from that event and claiming they show “Our US Ambassador to Libya being dragged through the streets before being murdered.”  Those who don’t know the truth are resending the item.  The individuals who originated this item know it was a lie, know that they are stirring up hate over an act of compassion, but apparently do not care.  All they care about is stoking the fires of discord, even over the body of the US Ambassador who died doing his duty for this country.  All I can think of is words spoken decades ago  – “Have you no sense of decency…?  At long last, have you left no sense of deceny?”


1. Doug from Tally - September 20, 2012

Goals seem to outweigh decency in some circles these days.

2. Ed Bunyan - September 20, 2012

Hate never has a sense of decency. I receive a lot of these type e-mails forwarded from my elderly parents. I keep trying to tell them to stop forwarding this hate propaganda, but to them, it came from friends so it must be true.

Thanks for speaking out

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