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All in your head October 2, 2012

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There’s an official tendency to label unexplained medical problems as being psychological even though some very serious problems are chronically under-diagnosed.  This story talks about some of those problems.   This isn’t anything controversial.  It’s mainstream, proven science.  But it illustrates how the patient can be blamed for a real, physical ailment and important treatment delayed.  http://www.livingwithout.com/issues/1_11/untreated_gluten_sensitivity-1800-1.html?ET=livingwithout:p76216:7382a:&st=pmail&s=P_TuesdayTip100212&t=B_TL_P

The blood test for gluten allergy reactions is not expensive, but despite the prevelance of gluten allergies in the population and medical estimates that it may be the most under-diagnosed ailment in the US, doctors are often amazingly reluctant to order the blood test or consider the allergy as a possible cause of problems.  The incidence of all auto-immune diseases has been rising dramatically (again, official figures), so if you have problems that doctors can’t explain, look into the possibility that an allergy or sensitivity might be involved.  It can’t hurt and it might help.


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