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Tarnished Knight sequel is now titled Perilous Shield December 14, 2012

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The publisher decided they didn’t like Rogue Queen for the second Lost Stars book, so we ended up with Perilous Shield.  The revised manuscript has been turned in to both my editor and my agent.  The ending holds a couple of Big Surprises.


1. bridell - December 14, 2012

Hmm I liked Rogue Queen. There was sorta like a chess theme forming. A Knight, a Queen, could have followed with other pieces. Something like Rebellious Pawn or Fallen Castle. Though maybe thinking of titles beforehand could be restraining. Perilous Shield is a good one too.

Then there’s still that other synchronicity or the missing chapter 18. Was thinking about that. Maybe something happened during the eighteenth year of Geary’s survival sleep? The missing chapter. When Geary was asked if he remembered anything (because of the belief he was among the living stars) he said he wasn’t sure. He thought he might have had dreams although the doctors said it wasn’t possible.

The spider wolfs had a good grasp of multi purpose formations. Or take the use of hypernet technology for mines. For a race that strictly thinks in patterns the concept of using the same thing for different functions must be hard to grasp. An alien concept. Maybe there had been a teacher, someone who brought them this insight. Perhaps some 80 years before Geary was found, by humans.

Say the Spider wolfs showed up in their stealth ship in that deserted star system. Undetected deep into human territory, who are an enigma to them, and picked up a malfunctioning lifepod with a frozen man onboard. They then took that man to their home, revived him and made him an offer. Asked them to be taught and in return they would secretly guard and indefinitely watch over his pod until he would be found by humans. A desperate request. The spider wolfs, threatened by the bearcows, are in critical need of strategic skills. The crazy way of thinking these frail bipeds seem to have naturally. How during a fight switch from offense to defense and back again. How to build a fleet, use the different parts as the situation demands. Learn to anticipate and moreover to be flexible and multipurpose. Two, tree or even an unknown number of patterns overlapping simultaneously.. without the order falling apart. Crazy.

Now Geary is on the bridge of this alien ship, commanded by the daughter of the present ruler and the next to be queen. Trying to figure out how to teach these damn aliens, more specifically her, in exchange for his life. Again and again he tries, argues and lectures, but cannot get through. She doesn’t understand. The translation devise works well enough but the words don’t carry meaning. As he sits there in his room in this dreamlike surroundings, wearing the strange garment these creatures made for him, frustrated, thinking, his fingers play with the fasteners. Open, close, open.. Like velcro, no more like sticky tape, like duct tape.. He freezes as a thought strikes like lightening. Could it be that simple? He jumps up, runs through the tubes of the ship, deeply inhaling the musky air as he reaches the princesses’ room out of breath. Pushing the guards aside as they start their ceremonial movements, no time to lose. He barges in and dangles the sticky belt in front of the bewildered rapidly color shifting princess.. “Look Trenes’ca, I got it!”

The secret kept, memories wiped, the chapter lost, the decedents would many years and generations later remember this breakthrough and close the circle by formally asking for this gift from mankind, symbolized by duct tape…

Wish You a Merry Christmas 🙂

2. hlong69 - December 14, 2012

I preferred your title.

3. Ed Bunyan - December 14, 2012

I liked Rogue Queen myself, but I have not read the book yet, so for all I know the new tittle might fit better. Wont know till I read it. Looking forward to doint that as a matter of fact.

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