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About John

I am an author of military science-fiction who draws on my experience as a retired US Navy officer. My father (LCDR. Jack M Hemry, USN ret) is a mustang (an officer who was promoted through the enlisted ranks), so I grew up living everywhere from Pensacola, Florida to San Diego, California, including an especially memorable few years on Midway Island.

I graduated from Lyons High School in Lyons, Kansas in 1974, then attended the US Naval Academy (Class of ’78), where I was labeled “the un-Midshipman” by my roommates.

My active duty assignments in the US Navy included:
– USS Spruance (DD963) (Navigator, Gunnery Officer)
– Defense Intelligence Agency (Production Control Officer)
– Navy Anti-Terrorism Alert Center (Watch Officer, Operations Officer)
– Amphibious Squadron Five (Staff Intelligence Officer/N2)
– Navy Operational Intelligence Center (Readiness Division)
– Chief of Naval Operations Staff N3/N5 (Plans Policy and Operations)

I still speak the remnants of Russian painstakingly pounded into me by Professor Vladimir Tolstoy (yes, he was related to that Tolstoy)

I live in Maryland with my wife who is too good for me and three great kids. The two eldest children are diagnosed as autistic and suffer from Neuro-Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (NIDS), an auto-immune ailment which causes their illness, but are progressing under the treatment of Dr. Michael Goldberg.


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