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Short Fiction
Most available in eformat from Fictionwise, click on the link just below this section.




1. Tim Mahoney - February 21, 2012

I was looking for the link to Fictionwise, but I’m not seeing it.

2. johnhemry - February 23, 2012

I’m not sure why it’s not working (it’s on the home page of the website) but the whole Fictionwise thing is about to go away for me. Fictionwise was a good online service, but over the last few years has stopped responding and become erratic about payments. I’m about to cancel my relationship with Fictionwise. My short fiction is going to be packaged in ebook collections and made available that way.

3. Al Jones - May 31, 2012

Need to update your titles in the Lost Fleet series or my Amazon account has allowed me to buy “Dreadnaught” and “Invincible” without you being aware they’re written yet-I must have been upgraded to the H.G. Wells-level account status at Amazon for future fiction buying. The two latest are superb reads like the rest of the series and the Stark Series (you might show those are back in print too as I bought a mix of original and new to work through that series. Great stuff, much appreciated!

johnhemry - June 5, 2012

You’re right. I need to get all of those cleaned up. Just as soon as get Beyond the Frontier book three (working title Guardian) done…

4. Al Jones - June 5, 2012

The next book certainly takes precedence over such housekeeping tasks, glad it’s coming along so well, just been rereading the whole series over a week-your continuity work and foreshadowing is especially impressive across the series read quickly enough to notice it instead of as the books came out.

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